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Gray Sport Pants

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The Heather Gray Sport Pants were designed to be a slim version of a jogger. They are narrow at the ankle with a soft ribbed cuff. The drawstring is fully functional for those string-beans in the Wildly crowd. There are thick pockets for cold mornings. 100% sweatshirt fleece cotton.

Moms love them on little boys with some flashy sneakers or little girls with ballet flats..and have even told us they wish they could wear a pair of these super soft sport pants themselves.

Each pair of Heather Gray Sport Pants is designed, sewn and made in the USA with a passion for quality. Every family touched by the lifecycle of a pair of Heather Gray Sport Pants benefits from our commitment to fair trade, fair labor practices and fair wage. Learn more about the families impacted by each Wildly Co. product.

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