3 things you're doing to stress your kid out - and what to do instead

1.  Offering too many choices.

Every parent wants to allow their child to be independent and make good decisions. However, when we give our children too many things to choose from, we can can overwhelm their still growing capability.

There is an idea from the book Parenting with Love and Logic where a parent can help their child feel some authority over their decisions. The idea is the parent allows the child to choose between two pre-determined acceptable options, which can help the child build confidence while allowing the parent to retain control.

Children become easily overcome and upset when faced with too many alternatives. It is loving to help by giving them two choices in a relatively small decision. Do you want to wear the jeans or the sport pants? Would you like spaghetti or sandwiches for dinner? Would you like me to zip your coat or do you want to try?

These are all great ideas that will help your child grow in independence without feeling upset with indecision.

2. Not having a predictable routine. 

In our house, we have a pretty predictable daily routine and weekly rhythm. Of course this changes some, and it’s good for kids to learn to be adaptable. However, we see that our kids do better when they adapt from a healthy place of routine as opposed to just having to adapt to cope with frantic chaos. 

If the schedule or routine changes, as it often does with a young family, we just work hard to articulate the plan to our boys and they do so much better with that preparation. It helps build trust.

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3. Having too many clothes.

This is a biggie. I think it’s the biggest threat to an easy morning with kids. Having too many clothes leads to kids having too many options and you having too much laundry. Do you know how many tiny kid’s garments fit in a standard size washer and dryer? I have found it can take me an hour to fold a load of my little boys’ clothes.

Stress Free ClothesWe buy several good quality itemsThis helps us on storage space and laundry time. It allows them to keep track of their things and learn how to take care of them at an earlier age because the job is a lot smaller.

Having fewer but well made clothes for your children helps them get dressed, helps you teach them responsibility at a reasonable expectation level, and frees up space in your home, pocketbook, and mind.

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“3 Things You’re Doing To Stress Your Kid Out - And What To Do Instead” by Author and Mom of 4, Hayley Morgan! Hayley Morgan’s tips for Moms 1. Offering too many choices can...

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