What Should We Expect From Our Favorite Brands?


Hi there! My name is Emily, and I am a brand new intern working with Wildly Co., and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know the company and all that it stands for. Wildly Co. is a company rooted and founded on ethical standards and practices. To us, this means to provide fair labor practices, to empower women, to exhibit fair trade, to be a part of giving campaigns, and to ultimately create sustainable jobs for people. I can count on Wildly Co. to carry out this mission, but what should we hope for from other favorite brands we buy from? Here’s a few tips on what I look for.

  1. Make It Last

When buying from an ethically produced clothing company, I would hope to be purchasing items that will last me a long time. In our culture today, “right here, right now” is the mindset of many buyers, who only end up dissatisfied as they impulsively purchase cheaply made clothing that doesn’t last. You may not be familiar with this term, as I wasn’t, but clothing that is mass-produced and made cheaply and quickly in order to reach consumers as soon as possible is often referred to as “fast fashion”.

  1. Make It Meaningful To Others

As most, I am a person who wants to live a life of meaning in every way possible. Even when purchasing something as simple as clothing, I want to know that I am supporting something with a positive mission. At Wildly Co., the money we invest through our purchases are not only benefiting us as the buyers, but are benefitting others by employing them with jobs above local liveable wages, which is not always the case in the clothing industry.

  1. Take Good Care Of Us

Along with longevity and purpose, I would hope for an ethical company to treat customers exceptionally well. In many retail businesses, the focus is easily shifted away from taking care of the customer to only making profit for their business. However, I would hope that an ethical company would make their main priority customer satisfaction. I would want to feel taken care of, as a consumer investing in a business based on integrity and ethics.

Wildly Co. is flowing in a different direction than many retail businesses. Earlier I mentioned fast fashion--the type of clothing company with the mission of making cheaper clothes so you will buy more often and give less thought to it.. In contrast, Wildly Co. is considered a slow fashion company, meaning a company that creates classic pieces on trend crafted in a high quality manner, mainly focused on premium production rather than speed. Clearly, ethical business is the way to go. If you are interested, below I will be posting a few links to help distinguish the difference between slow fashion and fast fashion! Concepts like these are often overlooked as consumers--the articles below are worth the read!

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