What Information Should I Leave With My Babysitter?

I know being a mom is like walking around with your heart outside your body. I also know that leaving your kids with a babysitter can be an exercise in trust. In order to ensure that it's a smooth experience, it's helpful to know what information babysitters most need.

It is encouraged that babysitters of all ages have taken the Red Cross Babysitter Course, but particularly for babysitters ages 11-15. This helps them prep for being in charge for regular occurrences and taking care in case of emergencies. The class is even offered online

It's vital to leave information for your babysitter, so they are equipped with all your family information. This lessens their need to call and interrupt you, and also empowers them to lead. We've created a printable document to make that easy-as-pie.

For overnight visits or babysitters, it's easiest to leave clothes that are mix and matchable. We always pack a kids' capsule for an overnight visit. This ensures there are a couple changes of clothes in case there is an accident or they get dirty playing. This just makes it easier for the caregiver! If we're gone longer than an overnight, we plan for a capsule for every two days.    ...it's simple to get your capsule.