Want Need Wear Read // Girls Gift Guide 2017

Girls seem to be fairly easy to purchase gifts for. Story books or dolls, their imagination makes any gift a great one. We've compiled two easy lists for you. Just make 4 clicks (all at Amazon or Wildly Co.--did you know you can use Amazon payments at Wildly?) and you're good to go!

Science Set // Electric Toothbrush // Ice Skater Dress // Ada Twist, Scientist Book


Spirograph // Night Light // Drop Shoulder Tunic // The Day the Crayons Quit Book

Every time we are able to give a special gift to our children, it tells them something. It tells them that we're thinking of them and that we love them. However, this can easily tip towards overwhelming for them when they are buried under piles and piles. Think about the aim of your gift-giving this year and purchase accordingly! We're here to help along the way!