Want Need Wear Read // Boys Gift Guide 2017

The little boys in my life mostly want cars, Legos, and things that can be used to break other things (Yes, really!). But, we tried to get a little clever this holiday season to make gift-giving less stressful and more intentional. No cars, no Legos. Still 100% boy.

Instax // Circle Internet Monitor // Raglan Pullover // The Book With No Pictures Book


Winnie the Pooh Stuffed Animal // Winter Hat // Baseball Tee // Finding Winnie Book

Boys don't need much to keep their attention. A ball, a bat, a camera, a book can keep them entertained for days (especially when they can use these toys to tease their brothers). We *love* giving our kids gifts, until it's overwhelming. Too many "wants" make to too much stress, so we're focusing on the gifts that truly last like that warm pullover, classic book, or Instax pictures. We understand the holiday stress, and we're here to make shopping simple so that you can feel confident and thoughtful about your purchases. All these gifts can be purchased at Amazon or on Wildly Co. (and we have an Amazon Payments option!) because we think shopping should be simple so there is more time to spend with the little ones.