Joanna, Lili & Rose: Simplicity in the Everyday

Why Create a Mini Capsule Wardrobe for Your Kids

My name is Joanna, mom to Lili and Rose, and I blog at Lazy Mom's Blog. Yes, I am a bit of a "lazy" mom: I look for simplicity in the everyday, and I'm passionate about making life with kids less complicated and more fun. Having great basics on hand for my kids is definitely one of the ways to make my life easier, so it's no secret that I love Wildly Co.'s kids capsule wardrobes!

Most of the time you can find us enjoying our summer days in the garden. For kids, adventure can happen anywhere, even in our own backyard! It's all about making them feel comfortable and confident, and I think that these gorgeous Wildly Co. basics do exactly that! 

We have this huge rhubarb plant growing in the shade, and Lili has been checking on it every day since early spring. She even harvests it as soon as it's ready! The reality is that she doesn't see a plant, she sees an umbrella growing just for her in our yard. And what I see is a little girl with a BIG imagination, rocking our favorite Swing Top like a boss!

I love looking at her while she's cutting the rhubarb for a cake. She doesn’t worry about getting dirty while playing in the garden or staying cool in the hot summer day. I really think that this comfortable light-weight swing top is her favorite piece for enjoying the summer days. And between you and me, I just love how it can transition overtime from a dress, to a tunic, into a tee! 

While we're together in the garden these two follow each other everywhere (they can't stand it when I tell them to “look out” and “don't dirty that dress”)! BUT I don’t have to worry about that when they're dressed from head to toe in Wildly Co. because I know it'll all wash out perfectly well. It makes parenting much easier if you ask me!

Life with kids is beautiful and amazing, but it also gets messy and wild. As moms we need all the help we can get. I guess that's why I love Wildly Co.

Think about your favorite shirt. You know the one, it may have a small hole or stain but you still love it. It gives you supermom powers