Holiday Gifts: WANT. NEED. WEAR. READ.

It is SO easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and holiday shopping. As a mom, it is selfishly fulfilling to think the kiddos have “one more present” than last year to open on Christmas morning. But why does gift-giving have to mean more gifts? What if we only gave the essentials and scratched the extra ten “must-haves” just because the low prices look appealing?

We’ve decided to switch up gift-giving this year to look less stressful and a lot more intentional. Our focus is on high quality gifts instead of an abundance of cheaper presents we know the little ones will just forget about a few weeks after Christmas. Our thoughtful holiday shopping is all about filling needs instead of wants, and to us, that looks like “Want, Need, Wear, Read.”

WANT. Instead of giving your littles multiple gifts the simply like, give one present they really want and will use. Let’s show our kids that it isn’t the large number of presents under the tree that matter! So this Christmas we’re limiting each little one to four gifts. (Yes, total!) It sure takes a load off of my mind knowing I have less shopping to do—plus less gifts makes them more thoughtful! Giving an intentional “want” may not be always be cheaper, but it is sure to save money in the long run.


NEED. Every trip to the store proves that kiddos can always find one more thing they “can’t live without”. To us, buying toy after toy shows that they are expendable, that there is a diminishing return on toys. Too much stimulation limits our little ones’ imagination. We want to buy the real “needs” this holiday season because buying should be intentional. Our needs are long-lasting games, and warm clothes, instead of every toy our kids want.


WEAR. As moms, we all know that kiddos don’t ask for the clothes they need, they ask for the toys they want. It’s much easier to find all of the sale-priced toys, than it is to shop and find the best coat or sweater. This holiday season we want to focus on clothes that will truly hold up, instead of lots of clothes that are disposable. Wildly Co. clothes are the perfect solution because they are sure to hold up, and us moms can send the link and size to relatives for super simple holiday shopping. Here is one easy, first step to get the “need” & “wear” out of the way!  


READ. We’re all about building up the younger generation so that they live in a brighter tomorrow. One way is to encourage our kiddos to use their imagination to think and dream big. Toys can do that, but there is something magical about a little one and a book. Here is our book list for gifting ideas this season! After all, why not encourage our little ones to read more and more? We’re raising the minds and hearts of the next generation—and what an important job that is!


We’re trying to stimulate this intentional mindset before the crazy holiday shopping sets in. Want to join us? Our kid’s cold weather clothing capsules make for quick, thoughtful shopping. So no worries, we’ve got you covered so that you can feel confident and thoughtful about your purchases. After all, shopping should be simple so that there is more time for memory-making with little ones all season long!