Back to School

It’s almost that time again. You can almost hear the alarm clock and the school bell ringing. Moms across the country are either mourning that lazy pace of summer or are already making to-do lists and schedules with new school supplies. Either camp you're in, tackling seasons of change is an essential skill of life. We can use these times of transition as teachable moments with our kids. 


Don’t forget it’s still summer. Most of the time things don't change on the spot. Even though it's technically the school year, the long days and warm nights don't end all at once. For most people, but especially children who struggle with change, showing them how to ease into the new will help immensely. In our house, we have one little guy who sobs on the last day of school but also dreads going back at the end of the summer. What that tells me is that he really struggles with change. It's my job as his momma to make sure he sees that it's not all or nothing.


Don’t buy into the hype. Most stores run deals up until school starts. So don’t feel the need to rush into Walmart to buy all the school supplies (and then some) right when they come out. Spread out the shopping and check for the best deals. Our family rotates backpacks every year so each boy gets a "new-to-them" backpack but our family doesn't go broke replacing things that are still in god shape. Don't buy into the American idea that everyone needs a new everything just because it's time to head back to school.


Make it a family affair. As the next chapter in your little one’s life comes closer, make sure to keep the conversations going. Pep talk your kiddo, watch for their emotional cues, and make sure home is a soft place to land. You know your kid better than anyone in the world, and now is the time to put what you know into place. This makes change more welcoming and less scary. Let your kiddo know that you’ll be there every step of the way – from spilled milk to becoming the gaga ball recess champ.


Shop Wildly to truly make it the ‘Best Day Ever’. We really and truly believe that your kids can do hard things. There are so many unknowns and mysteries in a child's life. We always try to make sure our kids know that we're confident in their ability to face the world. They are strong + confident, and we need to encourage them in it. We even made a t-shirt for the best, most exciting days in life