Thriving in the Wintertime

I wrote a guide just for you about digging in this winter to find joy, warmth, and happiness. It's FREE to you, just head over and download it. It's my Christmas card, my little Valentine's love note to you. It's my "attagirl" and "hang in there". It's my quick pat on the back and whispered prayer that we'd all find the peace and goodness that can come from such a season as winter.

Autumn used to be my very favorite season, until it wasn't. Somewhere along the way, autumn just became "pre-winter" in my mind. The cool and crisp air was just a reminder of the bitter cold coming my way. Unfortunately, where I live, it's cold at least half the year. It seems the rest of the time is either preparing for or recovering from cold. 

This all points to one thing: I can't avoid winter and I can't wish it away, either. To do so would mean wishing away a considerable amount of the time I have.

Winter means bundling up, wet and dirty slush tracked into the house, and more lost gloves than a mom can count. It's long and when you throw a slew of holidays into the middle, it can get more difficult than lovely.

But, you deserve to really thrive this winter. You deserve to enjoy those glowy evenings lit by the Christmas tree. You should relish the quiet when the kids finally manage to get out the door to play in the snow (even if that quiet only lasts 7.2 minutes). You can grow even in the dead of winter. 

Go get your free book now! My treat! xo. Hayley