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November 13, 2015

Mom, where do my clothes come from?


Kids are curious about *everything*. Questions range from "where does the mailman live?" to "why do I have to drink milk?" to "How big is God?" (phew!) As a parent we have the super challenging job of answering all these questions while hoping some of our answers, as well as our ideals and values, are sticking. If your kiddo ever stumps you with a question like, "Where do my clothes come from?" (and you have a little more space than the quick go-to "the store"), we've come up with 3 simple tips for a productive chat about ethical fashion…after all, our littles ones will soon be growing up and making the big decisions for our world.

1. Start with the basics. Check out the tags. Where do their clothes come from? What does the word ethical even mean? What does it mean to do things "the right way"? For us, at Wildly Co., it means that there is no part of our business we are afraid to hide from our customers. It means the products we make and sell will not be made based on the hardship of another family.

Simply put, ethically-made means that a business cares about the product, the process, the people and the purpose behind everything that they do.

2. Chat about honesty. If your house is like ours, "telling the truth" comes up often. Being truthful extends into your little ones’ lives every day. They should be honest with their parents, siblings, teachers and friends. So it makes sense that grown ups should also be honest in their decision-making as well. Businesses that have a tenet of honesty are transparent and open with every part of their production cycle.

3. Focus on kindness. Remind them that, simply put, we treat others as we would want to be treated. Companies that believe in kindness show respect and equality to their employees.

It's a big conversation, so simplicity is best..but why not start a movement of young ambassadors? Those who are advocates for the people working in factories. Those who strive for better quality and longer lasting clothing. Those who care about the process and the story behind it.

Let’s radically empower our next generation to, dare we say, change the industry!

Kids are curious about *everything*. Questions range from "Where does the mailman live?" to "Why do I have to drink milk?" to "How big is God?" (phew!)
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