3 Simple Tips to Create a Minimalist Wardrobe For Your Kids

Let’s face it, our kids accumulate a lot of *things*...whether it be toys, hand-me-down clothes, or even broken pencils in the bottom of their backpack. All this clutter leaves you wondering..

there’s got to be a simpler way....right?

Here at Wildly Co., we have a passion for both creating quality basics for your wild ones, and supporting families. Our 3 simple tips to creating the perfect minimalist wardrobe for your kids will reduce clutter *and* save time!

  1. Include only durable, quality basics: These are the building blocks for any wardrobe big or small. This is a *kid’s* wardrobe, so the clothes must be able to stand up against mud, grass stains, and lots of movement. Only items that are made to last, with an exception for those special occasion items, should make it into the closet.
  2. Decrease the options: The purpose of having minimal but quality items is that there is less money spent, less stress getting dressed, and less overall waste. Your little ones will be able to put together their own outfit that cannot be mismatched and feel proud of their accomplishment.
  3. Think outside of seasons: Yes, short sleeves can be worn in *all* seasons. Let us explain. By using simple layering techniques, like adding a thermal shirt underneath a favorite graphic T or adding leggings under their summer skirts, you have created two cozy layers and added room for more fun colors to be used in their outfit. You’ve also eliminated storing those seasonal items. *Bonus points*

So, go ahead, liberate yourself from the closet accumulation of unwanted and unused kids’ clothes. Phew, feels good, right? After all, parenting has enough challenges from sun up to sun down (...make that sun up to sun up),  why let your kid’s closet and the task of getting dressed be an unnecessary stressor?

All this clutter leaves you wondering, there’s got to be a simpler way....right?