A Son 7,000 Miles Away

Do you remember last month's exclusive T? Through your purchase of the "Home is Wherever I am with You" T, proceeds helped local families in the adoption process. We have been so inspired by these families, we couldn't wait to share their story and journey with you!

Beth and Andy have three children. Their son Drew was recently adopted from Central Africa.

In September 2013, in the middle of Beth and Andy's adoption, The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) issued a suspension of exit letters for adopted children in Central Africa. Though Andy and Beth are legally Drew’s parents, they are unable to bring him home. While they have been his parents for almost two years, the DRC government is refusing to release him.

“Over 1,000 children are waiting to join their families, and sadly, many children have died while waiting.”

When we asked Beth how she and her husband came to the decision of adoption, she said she had been exposed to the world’s need at an early age.

“As I grew up, got married, and started a family of my own, I reflected on that need and wondered how we could make a difference.”

After having two biological children and experiencing complications during delivery with their second child
, Beth and Andy knew that one day adoption would be right for them and they trusted in God’s timing: “That shifted our thinking from “some day” to “why not now?”

At Wildly Co., supporting families is one of our core values…whether it's through a giving campaign, or loving your family through our commitment to making quality, ethical kid's clothes. We asked Beth if she had any encouragement or wisdom to give to those families just beginning the journey of adoption or are in the middle of the process.

“This adoption journey has been so much more than we could have ever anticipated. More love for our son, more trust in God’s timing, more dependence on Him, more emotional ups and downs, more waiting for him to come home, more money than we originally planned. We believe that God will bring Drew home, and if not, God is still God and still has a plan for Drew’s life and for our family. There is a different type of appreciation that comes when you are stuck in the adoption process. We appreciate things differently - being able to grab our children and hug them, listen to their voices as they giggle and tell stories, care for them when they are sick. Little things.”

We are in awe of the love and sacrifice that families like Beth and Andy's make each day for their children. We want to continue encouraging adopting families the best way we know how, by promoting adoption and sharing the stories of these special families.

Now go snuggle up to your little ones and rejoice in all of their silliness and messes!

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Do you remember last month's exclusive T? Through your purchase of the