5 Ways To Tell If Your Clothes Are Ethically Made

Have you ever found yourself wondering...

Where are my clothes made and who makes them?
Whose hands have helped design, cut and sew the clothes that I purchase for my family?
How exactly do I know if my clothes are ethically made?

While it can definitely be challenging to tell at first glance, the following 5 questions will help you discover if your clothes are made in an ethical manner.

1. Is the brand transparent on their website? Look at their “about” page. See if you can trace the item of clothing back to the source. Do they have information on where the fabric is sourced? Can you find information on where the product is sewn?

2. Is the brand promoting and marketing ethical or sustainable practices? Clicking through a brand's products and looking over the product descriptions is another great place to find out essential information. Do the brand's social media outlets specifically emphasize how their clothing is ethically made? If the brand is sharing their process then they are proud of how they make their clothing.

3. Does the brand support and create sustainable jobs? Most ethically made brands are well informed about the factories and facilities trough which they source their products. Conscience brands definitely want the consumer to know how their clothes are made, who touches the clothes and what makes them ethical.

4. Is the brand focused on their values and look beyond profit and losses? Core values can center a brand and drive a company forward in making decisions. Brands that have a clear focus on what they want to achieve, whether it be through giving campaigns, empowering women, or practicing fair labor, show that they are focused on putting others first.

5. Is the brand doing something that is considered radical? The fashion industry is historically known as an exploitative industry. Brands showcasing that they are well informed in their industry and strive to set a new standard is a sure indicator that your clothing will be made ethically from start to finish.

Did you know, according to Business Insider, only 1 percent of the fashion industry is made up of ethically made clothing?  Whoa...we are talking about a very small slice of a $1 trillion global industry. At Wildly Co. we have a passion for knowing our manufacturers and producing inspired, quality, ethically made clothes for your wild ones. We're thrilled to have partners like Opportunity Threads out of North Carolina that help us set a new standard and produce inspired clothes for kids like the September "Home is Wherever I am with You" T-shirt.

With these 5 quick questions you will be able to tell if your clothes are ethically made without having to rely on a nondescript tag. If you are ever unsure, ask questions. Brands focused on ethical practices also set a high standard for customer empowerment.