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June 03, 2016

What Does Kids Capsule Wardrobe Mean?

Why Create a Mini Capsule Wardrobe for Your Kids

The word “capsule” has become quite popular lately. But what does it mean in terms of a wardrobe?

Well, we Googled it, and aside from the anatomy and botany terms we found that it is “(a collection of clothing) consisting of a relatively small set of key items” or “a condensed version.”

So what does that mean for your kids to have a condensed, intentional wardrobe...who probably don’t have a personal style yet other than the “my shirt doubles as a napkin” philosophy.

This is what we hope it means for the busy mom:

So easy a kid can do it. Mixing and matching for every occasion. Your kids will be able to pick out their own clothes because nothing can be mismatched.

Less stress. For the mom who already has other things to focus on like food and shelter for her tribe. You will only have to shop one time per season to create your kid's wardrobe but it will hold up and carry over into the next season.

Clothes that will last. In order for your the capsule to work, only quality, durable items should be purchased. That way they have a better chance of holding up through the whole season even with the inevitable ice cream spills, grass stains, and mud pie smears.

The key items in their closet may be small in number but certainly mighty on the playground. Just like your wild ones, their capsule wardrobes will be resilient, dynamic, and ready for anything.


What does it mean for your kids to have a condensed, intentional kids capsule wardrobe? Here is what we hope it means for the busy mom:
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