What does Ethically Made Mean?

“Best of the Basics, Ethically Made”.  That tagline might seem like “just another trendy sales pitch”.  But here at Wildly Co., words matter a lot.  To us that tagline is not an easy statement to make, and with it comes a challenge to ourselves. To always provide the best. And to do it in an ethical way. 

But, doesn’t Ethically Made seem too vague?  Who’s to be the judge of that?  Isn't it just a little too easy and trendy to say as a good selling point? It feels like if you asked any company on the planet if they were an ethical company they would of course say yes.  Right??

It seems like it would be a good starting point for us to define ourselves as an Ethically Made company by what we are not.

Wildly Co. is not: 

  1. Only Fair Labor Practices
  2. Only calling ourselves USA Made
  3. Only about Empowering Women
  4. Only about Fair Trade
  5. Only about Giving Campaigns
  6. Only about Creating Sustainable Jobs

We’re choosing to build our entire company on the basis of choosing to do what is good for others first.  From the way we communicate with customers to the way we communicate with the people we buy buttons from...and how we decide to buy those buttons in the first place.

Wildly Co is all about:

  1. Fair Labor Practices
  2. AND calling ourselves USA Made
  3. AND Empowering Women
  4. AND Fair Trade
  5. AND Giving Campaigns
  6. AND Creating Sustainable Jobs

Plus… We want to hold that same standard with every supplier we can have relationships with.  Ethically Made, for us, really means there’s no part of our business we are afraid to hide from our customers.  It means the products we make and sell will not be made based on the hardship of another family.  

We want to share the people's stories who help get the clothing we make to your door in our bright gold packages.  We want you to know Molly, the mother of two, and Walter, the father of 3, who help to sew your clothes.  We want you to know Dusty and Jared, the brothers-in-law, who screen print our designs down the road from us.

We’re not perfect people and Wildly Co. will not always be perfect. We're working in an industry that has historically been all about the bottom line, at the expense of laborers...we're working upstream and it's not always easy. But we want you to hear the heartbeat of this business will go beyond profits and losses, it will always be about people and families.  We are going to do our very best everyday to stand behind our tagline.  Wildly Co will always be about providing “Best of the Basics, Ethically Made.”

If you want to get started with purchasing clothing that is ethically made, one of our Perfect T's is a perfect start at our lowest price point.