why does Wildly Co. only make basics?

At Wildly Co., we pride ourselves on providing the best of the basics, ethically made. This has been our goal from the very beginning. The reason for this is three-fold. 

1. Kids live in basics. T's and jeans are comfy. T's and jeans are great for school and for play. Basics are the essentials of your capsule wardrobe. Basics are the building blocks and make up a large majority of what kids wear.

2. Basics are almost seasonless.Although it goes against conventional retail wisdom, we don't want to make clothes that require you to have a closet full, even if it would help our sales. We want to outfit your kid with clothes they can wear pretty much year round. This makes less work for you and less waste in the long run. We can sell our basics year-round. Plus, it makes it so that we aren't spending precious money churning out new designs and patterns every week. That's a hallmark of fast-fashion.

3. Basics are easier to pass down...or wear out.Here's the deal. You can either have fewer clothes and wear them out, or you can have more items and pass them down (or donate or sell them). That's about the only two ways to go about it. We're really fine either way. If you pass them down we want them to be classic. If you want to wear them out, we want them to stand up to the test.

If we had to pick the first 2 items to try from Wildly Co., we'd suggest our Perfect T and our Sport Pants (the cutest joggers that ever were!). They're perfect for boys OR girls (dress up or dress down!) and they're the perfect place to start if you want to try out the brand!

Now, here's how buying basics will make your life simpler as a parent!

1. You can mix and match easily. As mentioned earlier, basics are like building blocks and can be made into awesome outfits! (follow along on Wildly Co.'s instagram for great mix-and-match ideas)

2. You buy fewer items. Long gone are the days when you needed a different outfit for every occasion. You can wear a T with a pair of Sport Pants on the couch or with an Everyday Skirt to school.

3. Less stress in getting dressed. Your kid doesn't have to worry about what to put with what because it all goes together.

4. You know what works for you child. You don't have to worry about the bells and whistles and tags and frills. You can easily learn what your kid likes and repeat it in different colors!

5. Less waste. You can wear a T in any season. If it's warm, you're good to go. If it's cold, throw a Pullover on top. There is no need to have a ton of out of season clothing sitting in storage.