Behind the Scenes: See how your clothes are made

Why Create a Mini Capsule Wardrobe for Your Kids

We recently spent time with our production partner in North Carolina and wanted to give you a behind the scenes tour of how your ethically made kids clothes are made.

The people: Having a relationship and putting a face and story behind the hands that make the product is important to us. The people who make our clothes matter and we simply couldn't do it without them. We want to show the world we care about all lives, in all countries, that contribute to the fashion industry.

The process: Setting up an ethical product’s lifecycle from design, sourcing, production, and packaging involves a great deal of time and research. We actively choose partners, like Oppurtunity Threads, that have similar values and strive for the same ethical standards we believe in as we create ethical kids clothes.

The product: At Wildly Co., we source the most durable, comfy fabric for your littles to make our kids clothes sustainable over multiple seasons and withstand all those grass stains and ice cream spills.

The purpose: Our purpose is bigger than the profit and losses. Our values, motivation, and standards reflect our heart for our business. We invite you to join us in our desire for fair labor practices, creating sustainable jobs, giving to those that are in need, and of course, creating the best kids clothes for busy moms!

It’s Fashion Revolution Week and we encourage you to ask the question, “who made my clothes?” So, just who exactly makes Wildly Co. kids clothes?