6 Essential Steps in Creating Ethically Made Kids Clothes

As we’re in the midst of creating new, exciting products for 2016 **all the party popper emojis**, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the lifecycle of a Wildly Co. product from start to finish.

We strive to bring you the best of the basics. We strive for better quality and longer lasting clothes. We strive to be advocates for the people who help make our product great. We strive to be the company who cares about the process and the story behind it.

Here’s how we do what we do:

Design: We get messy and creative. We bring out the watercolors, pencils, and even some snacks because designing and creating a product from scratch is hard, takes time, but it is so very fun.

Pattern: Next, we send our sketches and ideas off to South Carolina where our magical fairy godmother, Darlene, makes a technical pattern for each piece and makes sure the sizing is correct for your growing little ones. This is where the idea goes from paper to an actual sample you can hold in your hands. It’s crazy and still feels very much like magic to us.

Fabric: We work closely with a partner in Los Angeles to handpick U.S. made fabrics that are up to our ethical standards. We touch and feel tons of fabrics to find the softest, most comfortable ones for your kids.

Production: We then send both our patterns and fabrics off to our partners, Opportunity Threads, in North Carolina, where they sew and piece together to make our dream product come to life. If the shirt is a graphic t, we send it off to The Art Press, in Indiana, to be screen printed.

Photoshoot: Bring on the confetti, balloons, and citrus fruits because it’s time for a party (or maybe it’s more like a circus). We gather a number of stellar kids and their generous parents to come and play dress up in our clothes for a couple of hours. These are the images and videos you see on our website.

And finally, it comes down to you. You buy our product and spread the word about Wildly Co.... and for that, we are so grateful. You’re part of our process too because we simply can’t do it without you. You’re part of the family. And we hope you get just as excited as we do when you see that shiny gold package on your front door step.

Why are all these steps important for us to communicate? Because we have a big heart for people and family. We want you to know that there’s no part of our business or process we will hide from our customers. We love what we do and it is truly the cherry on top that we get to help make you and your wild ones happy while getting dressed in the morning.


As we’re in the midst of creating new, exciting products for 2016, we're sharing a sneak peek into the lifecycle of a Wildly Co. product from start to finish. So, just what does it take to create ethically made clothes for kids?