5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids to Combat Winter Boredom

It’s inevitable, after a warm start to the winter it’s finally getting colder outside. Some parts of the country already have their first snow on the ground! For many families this is a challenging time of the year, forced to spend the majority of time indoors. For an annual refresher on what to do when your kids need to warm up from playing outside or maybe it’s just too cold to go out at all, we’ve come up with several simple, indoor activities that can help you fight winter boredom.

  1. For warming them up and resetting: Make hot cocoa with marshmallows, wrap up in a blanket, and read a book...or a few. Have extra mashmallows? They are a great building block for creative crafts like mini-snowmen or marshmallow-toothpick structures.
  2. For giving everyone a little down time and space: Build an awesome pillow fort and watch an afternoon movie or tv show.
  3. For getting the wiggles out: Invest in a mini indoor trampoline or a free standing punching bag and let them get all that stored up energy out. You can also make a maze with steamers or string and have them set a stopwatch to beat their own time….welcome to the first annual indoor olympics for toddlers.
  4. For keeping them busy with hands-on activities: Look up easy crafts or science experiments with things found around the house like making homemade playdough or fun with dry noodles.
  5. For showing them attention and a little one-on-one time: Have your little ones help you make dinner or a snack. They’ll feel proud they are involved and you’ll have a little helper.

If all else fails or you run out of things to do, set them up in the tub with some bubbles and toys and let them splash and play for as long as they want...or until they are wrinkly.

Supporting families is so important to us and we know winter can be tough. Going outside is not always an option and sometimes activities only last for 10 minutes. We want to love your family from afar and help where we can in addition to our commitment to make quality, ethical kid’s clothes.

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5 simple, indoor activities to help fight winter boredom