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February 13, 2017

What Should We Expect From Our Favorite Brands?


Hi there! My name is Emily, and I am a brand new intern working with Wildly Co., and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know the company and all that it stands for. Wildly Co. is a company rooted and founded on ethical standards and practices. To us, this means to provide fair labor practices, to empower women, to exhibit fair trade, to be a part of giving campaigns, and to ultimately create sustainable jobs for people. I can count on Wildly Co. to carry out this mission, but what should we hope for from other favorite brands we buy from? Here’s a few tips on what I look for.

  1. Make It Last

When buying from an ethically produced clothing company, I would hope to be purchasing items that will last me a long time. In our culture today, “right here, right now” is the mindset of many buyers, who only end up dissatisfied as they impulsively purchase cheaply made clothing that doesn’t last. You may not be familiar with this term, as I wasn’t, but clothing that is mass-produced and made cheaply and quickly in order to reach consumers as soon as possible is often referred to as “fast fashion”.

  1. Make It Meaningful To Others

As most, I am a person who wants to live a life of meaning in every way possible. Even when purchasing something as simple as clothing, I want to know that I am supporting something with a positive mission. At Wildly Co., the money we invest through our purchases are not only benefiting us as the buyers, but are benefitting others by employing them with jobs above local liveable wages, which is not always the case in the clothing industry.

  1. Take Good Care Of Us

Along with longevity and purpose, I would hope for an ethical company to treat customers exceptionally well. In many retail businesses, the focus is easily shifted away from taking care of the customer to only making profit for their business. However, I would hope that an ethical company would make their main priority customer satisfaction. I would want to feel taken care of, as a consumer investing in a business based on integrity and ethics.

Wildly Co. is flowing in a different direction than many retail businesses. Earlier I mentioned fast fashion--the type of clothing company with the mission of making cheaper clothes so you will buy more often and give less thought to it.. In contrast, Wildly Co. is considered a slow fashion company, meaning a company that creates classic pieces on trend crafted in a high quality manner, mainly focused on premium production rather than speed. Clearly, ethical business is the way to go. If you are interested, below I will be posting a few links to help distinguish the difference between slow fashion and fast fashion! Concepts like these are often overlooked as consumers--the articles below are worth the read!

Hear the story of Tara, and her journey toward slow, ethical fashion!

Slow Fashion Show Consumers What It’s Made Of

Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

December 17, 2016

Want. Need. Wear. Read: Ways to Serve

Our family has been working together to make Christmas purposefully different this year. With Want, Need, Wear, Read, we switched up gift-giving to look less stressful and a lot more intentional. But it’s our goal for that intentionality to reach more people than just our family. We want to help and serve others this Christmas. Yours too? Here are some ideas your family can try out:

Spend time with elders at a local nursing home. A lot of people do not have family over the holidays. Take the opportunity to share love, a meal, or your time this season to bring that Christmas joy. It is sure to warm you and your kids' hearts as well.

Give the cost equivalence of one gift to Preemptive Love. I know our family is definitely cutting down to make gift-giving more purposeful. In replace of a toy you would give your kids, send the equivalent amount of money to Preemptive Love. They are all about building up the lives of refugees and providing medical care for at-risk children. Now that is a meaningful gift.

Collect gifts for or a local jail or juvenile detention center. There are so many that don’t see family or receive gifts over the holidays. With your kids’ friends or Sunday school class, collect care packages for inmates at the local jail. Willow Creek Community Church collected about 70,000 gifts for each prisoner in Illinois in 2015. No matter the amount of care packages, you and your family can have the same influence this Christmas.

Give back to store employees. As holiday shopping finishes up, we can so easily become frustrated if the clothing size we want is out of stock or if someone grabbed that book we needed. Remember that it is not the associates’ fault helping you—they sacrificed their time to serve you better. Show them kindness, appreciation for working crazy hours, and even bring them coffee to help make it through the shift!

There are so many reasons to be joyful and give back this Christmas. We hope you and your kids find those reasons and serve together. And most of all, we wish you so many blessings of love, family, and joy at the birth of our Savior this Christmas.

December 10, 2016

Want Need Wear Read // Girls Gift Guide 2017

Girls seem to be fairly easy to purchase gifts for. Story books or dolls, their imagination makes any gift a great one. We've compiled two easy lists for you. Just make 4 clicks (all at Amazon or Wildly Co.--did you know you can use Amazon payments at Wildly?) and you're good to go!

Science Set // Electric Toothbrush // Ice Skater Dress // Ada Twist, Scientist Book


Spirograph // Night Light // Drop Shoulder Tunic // The Day the Crayons Quit Book

Every time we are able to give a special gift to our children, it tells them something. It tells them that we're thinking of them and that we love them. However, this can easily tip towards overwhelming for them when they are buried under piles and piles. Think about the aim of your gift-giving this year and purchase accordingly! We're here to help along the way!

December 03, 2016

Want Need Wear Read // Boys Gift Guide 2017

The little boys in my life mostly want cars, Legos, and things that can be used to break other things (Yes, really!). But, we tried to get a little clever this holiday season to make gift-giving less stressful and more intentional. No cars, no Legos. Still 100% boy.

Instax // Circle Internet Monitor // Raglan Pullover // The Book With No Pictures Book


Winnie the Pooh Stuffed Animal // Winter Hat // Baseball Tee // Finding Winnie Book

Boys don't need much to keep their attention. A ball, a bat, a camera, a book can keep them entertained for days (especially when they can use these toys to tease their brothers). We *love* giving our kids gifts, until it's overwhelming. Too many "wants" make to too much stress, so we're focusing on the gifts that truly last like that warm pullover, classic book, or Instax pictures. We understand the holiday stress, and we're here to make shopping simple so that you can feel confident and thoughtful about your purchases. All these gifts can be purchased at Amazon or on Wildly Co. (and we have an Amazon Payments option!) because we think shopping should be simple so there is more time to spend with the little ones.

November 25, 2016

Holiday Gifts: WANT. NEED. WEAR. READ.

It is SO easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and holiday shopping. As a mom, it is selfishly fulfilling to think the kiddos have “one more present” than last year to open on Christmas morning. But why does gift-giving have to mean more gifts? What if we only gave the essentials and scratched the extra ten “must-haves” just because the low prices look appealing?

We’ve decided to switch up gift-giving this year to look less stressful and a lot more intentional. Our focus is on high quality gifts instead of an abundance of cheaper presents we know the little ones will just forget about a few weeks after Christmas. Our thoughtful holiday shopping is all about filling needs instead of wants, and to us, that looks like “Want, Need, Wear, Read.”

WANT. Instead of giving your littles multiple gifts the simply like, give one present they really want and will use. Let’s show our kids that it isn’t the large number of presents under the tree that matter! So this Christmas we’re limiting each little one to four gifts. (Yes, total!) It sure takes a load off of my mind knowing I have less shopping to do—plus less gifts makes them more thoughtful! Giving an intentional “want” may not be always be cheaper, but it is sure to save money in the long run.


NEED. Every trip to the store proves that kiddos can always find one more thing they “can’t live without”. To us, buying toy after toy shows that they are expendable, that there is a diminishing return on toys. Too much stimulation limits our little ones’ imagination. We want to buy the real “needs” this holiday season because buying should be intentional. Our needs are long-lasting games, and warm clothes, instead of every toy our kids want.


WEAR. As moms, we all know that kiddos don’t ask for the clothes they need, they ask for the toys they want. It’s much easier to find all of the sale-priced toys, than it is to shop and find the best coat or sweater. This holiday season we want to focus on clothes that will truly hold up, instead of lots of clothes that are disposable. Wildly Co. clothes are the perfect solution because they are sure to hold up, and us moms can send the link and size to relatives for super simple holiday shopping. Here is one easy, first step to get the “need” & “wear” out of the way!  


READ. We’re all about building up the younger generation so that they live in a brighter tomorrow. One way is to encourage our kiddos to use their imagination to think and dream big. Toys can do that, but there is something magical about a little one and a book. Here is our book list for gifting ideas this season! After all, why not encourage our little ones to read more and more? We’re raising the minds and hearts of the next generation—and what an important job that is!


We’re trying to stimulate this intentional mindset before the crazy holiday shopping sets in. Want to join us? Our kid’s cold weather clothing capsules make for quick, thoughtful shopping. So no worries, we’ve got you covered so that you can feel confident and thoughtful about your purchases. After all, shopping should be simple so that there is more time for memory-making with little ones all season long! 




July 31, 2016

Back to School

It’s almost that time again. You can almost hear the alarm clock and the school bell ringing. Moms across the country are either mourning that lazy pace of summer or are already making to-do lists and schedules with new school supplies. Either camp you're in, tackling seasons of change is an essential skill of life. We can use these times of transition as teachable moments with our kids. 


Don’t forget it’s still summer. Most of the time things don't change on the spot. Even though it's technically the school year, the long days and warm nights don't end all at once. For most people, but especially children who struggle with change, showing them how to ease into the new will help immensely. In our house, we have one little guy who sobs on the last day of school but also dreads going back at the end of the summer. What that tells me is that he really struggles with change. It's my job as his momma to make sure he sees that it's not all or nothing.


Don’t buy into the hype. Most stores run deals up until school starts. So don’t feel the need to rush into Walmart to buy all the school supplies (and then some) right when they come out. Spread out the shopping and check for the best deals. Our family rotates backpacks every year so each boy gets a "new-to-them" backpack but our family doesn't go broke replacing things that are still in god shape. Don't buy into the American idea that everyone needs a new everything just because it's time to head back to school.


Make it a family affair. As the next chapter in your little one’s life comes closer, make sure to keep the conversations going. Pep talk your kiddo, watch for their emotional cues, and make sure home is a soft place to land. You know your kid better than anyone in the world, and now is the time to put what you know into place. This makes change more welcoming and less scary. Let your kiddo know that you’ll be there every step of the way – from spilled milk to becoming the gaga ball recess champ.


Shop Wildly to truly make it the ‘Best Day Ever’. We really and truly believe that your kids can do hard things. There are so many unknowns and mysteries in a child's life. We always try to make sure our kids know that we're confident in their ability to face the world. They are strong + confident, and we need to encourage them in it. We even made a t-shirt for the best, most exciting days in life

July 24, 2016

Fox 59 Segment with Wildly Co. on Dressing for School

What happens when you get six kids, an early childhood expert, and a news anchor on screen together? Well, two smart ladies and six well-dressed kids! We were invited by early childhood expert Deborah Stewart from Teach Preschool to model important tips on getting kids dressed for school on Indianapolis news station Fox 59.

Watch for all the tips and six wiggly, giggly little ones.




July 09, 2016

Wildly Co. Takes a Stand: Racism and White Privilege

Last month's graphic tank said "Liberty and Justice for All", but it doesn't feel much like that right now, does it...

If you look left or right it seems like our country is in trouble and hurting. There is no doubt that our children have seen or sensed the dire situation America is facing. At Wildly Co. we are deeply committed to championing the hearts of families which means bringing up some hard discussions that may be tender to many. We're willing to be a company that unpacks hard questions together and trust that as families we can work together to raise our kids in a God-honoring way.  

As director for Wildly Co. and a white American, I acknowledge that privilege exists for white Americans, and I want to encourage our Wildly Co. family to read further on issues of race in America. I dont't pretend to have all the answers, but I want this to serve as a place for safe conversation and further understanding. Please read the recommended links throughout--as they're more informative than this post. :)


America has a race problem. Still. In 2016. Unfortunately, this isn't an issue relegated to history books or old black and white news footage. America has a legacy of racism and brutality that draws a line straight through our history to the first days as a country.

Why are we still talking about black and white in the gray days of 2016? Because there is still a stark divide to the safeties and privileges afforded to men and women of color, even today.

To be honest, racism is something I thought died out a long time ago. I thought our elders dealt with all that nonsense back in the days of Rosa Parks and segregated everything. What I didn't realize, though, is that while equal rights may have been granted--there would never be such thing as equal privilege. 

We desperately need to dig in and tackle America's latent racism so it isn't a legacy we allow future generations to inherit. 

>>Further Recommended Reading: Understanding White Privilege by Francis E. Kendall


As a white suburban woman, I didn't realize I had certain privileges a man or woman of color might not have. About 4 years ago I started to have an inkling things weren't quite as equal as was always touted. It turns out when we have privilege, most of the time we don't even really notice it.

That's kind of the point. It's so much part of our everyday that it feels invisible to us, it feels as though it's the same for everyone OR we've done something to deserve this leg up. The very invisibility of white privilege is the fuel that keeps the fire burning. 

Let me stop and take a minute to further define the idea of "white privilege".

Peggy McIntosh describes privilege as, "unearned power conferred systematically" or "an invisible package of unearned assets".

In America, these privileges go as far back as the fall-out from slavery, the Civil War, and the Jim Crow era. Separating family units through slavery, disallowing literacy, denying land-ownership and wealth, there are consequences within the American black culture that linger today.

>>Further Recommended Reading: White Privilege, Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh


We can deny it and assume that our grandparents dealt with all this in the 1950s and 1960s. But, that is simply not the truth. White men and women continue to reap the benefits of the giant leg up that simply being white affords them.

I, as a white female, don't know the answer, but Wildly Co. as a company is about helping families, all families--and families need to talk about these things. We need to educate ourselves and be willing to look outside the way of life we may have always known. We need to have an answer for our daughter as to why there are so few princesses who look like her. We need to be able to talk with our children when they want to know why things don't seem equal. 

Taking a stance against white privilege and racism seems counterintuitive to basic business best practices. But, we want all families to flourish and it isn't always true that families of color flourish. We want to stand with them and let them know we see them and that their lives matter.

>>Recommended Further Reading: Charleston Syllabus

>>Watch: ESPN 30-for-30 OJ Made in America

We are praying for liberty, justice, and peace in the United States. We are praying for the fair treatment of all Americans and also safety for the good police officers who keep us safe.

June 24, 2016

Joanna, Lili & Rose: Simplicity in the Everyday

Why Create a Mini Capsule Wardrobe for Your Kids

My name is Joanna, mom to Lili and Rose, and I blog at Lazy Mom's Blog. Yes, I am a bit of a "lazy" mom: I look for simplicity in the everyday, and I'm passionate about making life with kids less complicated and more fun. Having great basics on hand for my kids is definitely one of the ways to make my life easier, so it's no secret that I love Wildly Co.'s kids capsule wardrobes!

Most of the time you can find us enjoying our summer days in the garden. For kids, adventure can happen anywhere, even in our own backyard! It's all about making them feel comfortable and confident, and I think that these gorgeous Wildly Co. basics do exactly that! 

We have this huge rhubarb plant growing in the shade, and Lili has been checking on it every day since early spring. She even harvests it as soon as it's ready! The reality is that she doesn't see a plant, she sees an umbrella growing just for her in our yard. And what I see is a little girl with a BIG imagination, rocking our favorite Swing Top like a boss!

I love looking at her while she's cutting the rhubarb for a cake. She doesn’t worry about getting dirty while playing in the garden or staying cool in the hot summer day. I really think that this comfortable light-weight swing top is her favorite piece for enjoying the summer days. And between you and me, I just love how it can transition overtime from a dress, to a tunic, into a tee! 

While we're together in the garden these two follow each other everywhere (they can't stand it when I tell them to “look out” and “don't dirty that dress”)! BUT I don’t have to worry about that when they're dressed from head to toe in Wildly Co. because I know it'll all wash out perfectly well. It makes parenting much easier if you ask me!

Life with kids is beautiful and amazing, but it also gets messy and wild. As moms we need all the help we can get. I guess that's why I love Wildly Co.

Think about your favorite shirt. You know the one, it may have a small hole or stain but you still love it. It gives you supermom powers
June 17, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Sourcing Fabric

Why Create a Mini Capsule Wardrobe for Your Kids

Think about your favorite shirt. You know the one, it may have a small hole or stain but you still love it. It gives you supermom powers and helps you conquer the grocery aisles with ease and fold laundry in record time, all the while still being amazingly comfortable.

Now, think about your kids favorite tee. The one you have to sneak away to wash. The one they beg to sleep in even with that popsicle stain down the middle.

Both shirts have something in common. Comfort and ease. At Wildly Co. we strive to bring the best and softest fabric to your littles by scouring the LA Fashion District for each collection. We sent our Creative Director and Production Manager, Hayley and Abbey, on a little adventure this week as we prepare our next season of kids capsule wardrobes.

We think about fiber content and feel tons of fabric to ensure quality, comfiness and washability.

We have done the research and made the hard choices so you feel great about yours. We make sure the ethics are on-pointe, the clothes are on-trend, and everything is mix-and-matchable. Then, you get to make the fun choices. You pick clothes you love for the kids you love. You get to be the hero with your kids and also of the fashion industry.

Think about your favorite shirt. You know the one, it may have a small hole or stain but you still love it. It gives you supermom powers
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